Hailing from the frozen wasteland of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada at the age of 25, I have been drawing my own bizarre characters and worlds my whole life. After beginning to take it seriously in my late teen years, I attended Cambrian College for the art and design program to get my feet on the ground in the art world.

After tackling school, I started to expand my own style. Complimenting years of fineline inking with smooth watercolor blending, I started to create pieces based heavily on tattoo and comic book culture.

In recent months I've begun dabbling in digital work, using both an iPad and a Parblo graphic tablet. I find the symmetry tools work really well with my fineline style and I've been able to make some pretty intricate pieces.

Interesting accolades:

Vendor - Sudbury Graphic Con - 2016-2017

Vendor - Thunder Bay ThunderCon - 2017

Featured Artist - Sudbury's Northern Game Expo - 2016-2017

Designer and Contributer - Sticker Swaps Monthly Subscription